Why dental x-ray recommended when my child has never experienced cavities?

July 11, 2018

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Pediatric Dentist will recommend x-ray on a child that has never experienced cavities.  Parents often wonder why their child need the x-ray.  Visually only the top and sides of the teeth can be examined, but to be able to further see the supporting structure or closed contacts between the teeth is only possible via x-ray.  X-ray are taken to rule out cavities between the teeth.  Panoramic x-ray is recommended to ensure growth and development and formation of teeth and supporting bone structure.

Once baseline x-ray is established then Dr. Abazari will take in to consideration caries risk assessment, diet, oral hygiene, spacing and age to determine when the next set of x-rays are needed.

The goal is to be able  identify cavities when they are small or recognize developmental issues early before they cause extensive damage.

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