What To Do In A Dental Emergency

February 15, 2019

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DON’T PANIC – Dental Emergencies Happen All The Time. 

In most cases, the best thing to do for a dental emergency in Mountain View and surrounding areas like San Jose and Los Altos is call Dr. Leyla Abazari’s office. Our pediatric dental staff is well trained to give you the information you need to take the right actions needed to minimize pain or long term damage to your children’s teeth. You will find our phone number on the left.

It also never hurts to have preliminary knowledge regarding damaged tooth care. This will allow you to act quickly. Here are some suggestions from the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry for dental emergencies.

  • If a babies tooth is knocked out – Contact your local pediatric dentist quickly.
  • If a permanent tooth is knocked out –Rinse the tooth in cool water. Don’t scrub or use a cleaner like soap on the tooth. Replace the tooth in the socket, if possible, and hold it in place with a clean piece of gauze. Place in milk or water is placing the tooth back in its socket is not an option. Contact the dentist immediately.  It is possible to save the tooth.
  • If a tooth is chipped – Contact the dentist for an assessment. Rinse in cool water and place in a clean cup with milk like you would a fully removed tooth and take what you have to the dentist.

If this tooth emergency involves other bodily harm such as trauma to the head or face, contact your primary doctor as well. Maintaining your child’s oral health is extremely important but also consider any other injury the child may have received.

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Now you are prepared for the main issues presenting dental emergencies. Be sure to keep these in mind for the future or if your child has a tooth related incident at a Los Altos-Mountain View Pony Baseball or MVLA Girls Softball game.

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