Starbucks – OK For Kids Teeth?

April 17, 2019

Everyone loves Starbucks! From adults driving by to take in a caffeine jumpstart before work, to kids who love to drink sweet drinks as they come home from school. The dental danger here is the sugar hiding in almost every drink you order. Take a closer look below.

Sugary Sweetness Problem

Cavities can be caused by plaque build up on the teeth. And nothing helps build up your plague reserves like sugary foods and drinks. Sadly, Starbucks kids drinks can be loaded with sugar all the way to the brim of the cup. In fact, most drinks at your local coffee chain include over 40g of sugar!

What Starbucks items are the worst?

White Chocolate Mocha 

This drink comes in hot or cold forms. But both are dangerously high in sugar. This is because it contains additives like specialty syrups and sweeteners that greatly increase the amount of sugar found even in a tall cup.

Cake Pops

Sugar isn’t just confined to drinks at Starbucks. Starbucks cake pops are a confectioner’s dream. Just a single cake pop can have 23g of sugar. While that isn’t too out of this world, consider first that this is something that is typically added to a drink order. So now your child isn’t just getting an 80g Frappuccino but add on another 23g to the grand total of 103g of sugar.

All Frappuccinos 

By far this is the most ordered dessert drink at Starbucks. Not only it this because it is delicious but because kids can’t get enough of the milkshake lookalikes. Each drink contains a staggering amount of sugar – far more than any child should have in the entire day.

Solution: Make It Special

One way to curtail this problem is to simply decrease the number of times you go to Starbucks. Make it a special treat for you and your family to go to Starbucks. Limiting your visits will help decrease your child’s sugar intake and you and your dental bill with thank you in the long term.

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