Patient Comfort and Sedation

We offer mild sedation utilizing nitrous oxide, which a patient breathes in through the nose throughout the treatment visit. Nitrous oxide is very safe and quickly enters and exits the body. It has been commonly referred to as laughing gas because it gives the patient a slight feeling of floating. In addition, it is helpful by reducing anxiety and increasing the pain threshold.

Typically with nitrous oxide, we complete 1-2 quadrants of dental treatment (pending patient behavior and complexity of dental treatment). For children that have difficulty breathing through their nose due to allergies, congestion, or APNEA, nitrous oxide may not be as effective. 

We also offer IV sedation, in which we work with an anesthesiologist who will put the patient to sleep so all of the planned dental work can be completed in a single visit. IV sedation is generally very safe. However, some medical conditions may be contraindicated. Our anesthesiologist will discuss all relative risks and benefits with you prior to scheduling an appointment. The benefit of IV sedation is that the patient does not have to experience the dental visit as all work is completed while they sleep. This is especially helpful for patients with extreme dental anxiety and treatment plans that span several quadrants of the mouth (left / right/upper / lower jaws).