Your Child’s First Visit

A child's first dental visit is a life-changing experience. No one knows a child better than their parents. Please share with us how to make your little ones' visit an enjoyable one. Every child's personality or temperament is different, and we do our best to adapt to every situation. Dr. Abazari and her team have over twenty years of experience with the most up-to-date behavior management techniques.

When discussing the appointment with your child, it is best to take a relaxed approach and let them know you will be there for them to explore and learn together. You may read books about going to the dentist. For example, Curious George Goes to the dentist is one I recommend. If you have a personal history of dental anxiety, it's important not to convey that onto your child before or during the appointment as children are very perceptive to parental anxiety. Always be positive about the visit! For example, you may tell your child that the appointment is to clean their teeth, 'so they become strong like their favorite hero and beautiful like their favorite princess.'

First Examination for Toddlers

  • Clinical exam to evaluate growth and development
  • Demonstration of proper oral hygiene
  • Provide dietary guidance
  • Discuss proper fluoride intake in non-fluoride zip codes
  • Discuss age-appropriate usage of fluoride toothpaste
  • Discuss oral habits and when to wean off habits such as pacifier, thumb sucking, bottles, and sippy cup
  • Injury prevention counseling and what to do in case of dental emergencies
  • Caries risk assessment
  • Development of an individualized home care routine for your child to prevent cavities. In the end, a report will be provided to you for your convenience.

Four Years and Above Dental Visit

  • We will review medical history and dental history
  • We will take x-rays of your child's teeth
  • We will clean and polish teeth
  • We will check teeth for any cavities and gum disease
  • Every x-ray will be reviewed with you
  • An individualized Treatment Plan will be given to you when indicated

Terms Parents Should Use and Terms to Avoid

We go above and beyond to ensure your child has a positive experience. We utilize child-friendly terms to make it easier and more comfortable for your child.

  • Before every child's filling visit, we spend several minutes explaining the procedure to your child.
  • "Sleepy juice"; please avoid using shot or needle
  • "Mr. whistle"; not a drill
  • "Clean your tooth"; rather than drill your tooth
  • "Wiggle your tooth"; rather than pull your tooth
  • "Sugar bugs"; rather than cavities.
  • "Tickle teeth"; rather examine your teeth
  • "Elephant nose"; rather than nitrous oxide hood

We look forward to meeting you and your child!