Restorative Care

Dental Fillings and Treatment

We utilize the best and most scientifically studied techniques for placing and curing resin composites for the best results. Additionally, use new materials with fluoride releasing capacity for patients with a high risk of cavities. 

Crowns and Pulp Therapy

When cavities encompass several parts of the tooth, we do not recommend using resin composites. A crown can protect the whole tooth without compromising function and prevents new cavities from forming. Pulp therapy is utilized under circumstances where a cavity is very close to a nerve and would benefit from removing the unhealthy part of the nerve and placing a medicinal filling over it in addition to a crown, helping protect the tooth and limit the possibility of infection.

Extraction and Space Maintainer

When a tooth is too compromised by a cavity or dental injury and cannot be restored, an extraction may be indicated. For posterior teeth, such as the baby molars, space maintenance is utilized to help prevent migration of the adjacent teeth.