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Infant Gum Pain - A Teething Guide

September 22, 2019
Posted By: Forever Smiles Pediatric Dentistry

It’s commonplace for infants of all ages to have issues with sleep, finishing food or drooling. While there are many causes of issues like these, one primary reason your little one may be experiencing this is due to tooth and gum pain – this is typically called “teething”. We have a few suggestions that can help ease your loved one’s pain and help then transition into a healthy smile.


Often, teething is simply a temporary period where gums are sore due to erupting teeth. If teething is spotty, consider the food your child eats. Choosing softer food can help ease soreness overtime.


Gentle pressure on the exterior and interior of the mouth can be quiet comforting. In short bursts, rub the small areas of your infant’s gum line. This slight pressure can help relieve pain temporarily. Maybe just long enough to get the little one to take a nap!


While this is not typically the first suggestion for infant teething, sometimes over the counter gels that contain products like benzocaine can help. They are intended to reduce soreness and pain around the gumline. Always consult a pediatrician before opting into uses of medication. Even over the counter.


There are a wide variety of teethers available in most stores. These toys allow for infants to gum the toy and relieve pressure. Take a look at teethers that allow you to freeze then for a cool feel. But always be cautious and attentive when providing infants toys meant to be chewed on as there is always the possibility of the toy becoming a choking hazard.

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