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5 Things Your Pediatric Dentist Is Doing at Your Checkup

July 5, 2022
Posted By: Dr. Abazari

Most people just believe they are going to the pediatric dentist to “get a cleaning”. But much more is done when your kids see the dentist. Read on to learn about the things your kids dentist checks during your check-up that you might not have known about.


1. Tongue Exam: When looking closer at the tongue, your dentist will check the size and texture of the tongue to ensure a healthy mouth. Your tongue’s size and surface can see a lot about your kids dental health, as well as your overall health.

2. Tooth Health: Your dentist will always check each and every one of your visible teeth during a dental check-up. Your kids dentist takes a small mirror and a dental “explorer” to check each tooth for any health issues. They will pay close attention to the strength of the enamel of the teeth. Stress could cause dental problems like teeth grinding at night, nail biting, or chewing objects.

3. Examining Kids Tonsils: Often a children’s dentist can diagnose tonsil issues before a regular doctor. Your pediatric dentist takes a close look at your tonsils and throat for any signs of infection or swelling. Like the tongue, the tonsils can also tell a lot about any health concerns present in the body.

4. Examining Your Bite:  Teeth move often at a young age. Your kids dentist will check your bite or alignment to see if your teeth have moved recently. If your dentist suggests that braces would be a suitable treatment plan for your bite and smile, we can help here.

5. Gums Exam: Your kids dentist will always examine your gums thoroughly during your dental check-ups. They will look for signs of bleeding or swelling on the gums, as well as large gum pockets, both of which are signs of unhealthy gums and/or gum disease.

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