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3 Major Threats to Kids Teeth

October 5, 2022
Posted By: Dr. Abazari

There are many issues that come across when considering teens dental health. While the typical issues that occur in younger kids still effect older teens, these three issues are more likely to effect older teens dental health.

Sports Injuries

Did you know that your children are many times more likely to suffer damage to the teeth without the use of a mouthguard? Mouthguards can make or break (pun intended) your teens dental health if they are involved in sports. It’s estimated that more than millions of teeth are knocked out during youth sports. Without the use of a mouthguard, a child is likely to break teeth, damage their jaw, and are more likely to suffer from a concussion. Mouth guards help protect you against dental damage by offering a cushion in front of your teeth and softening any blows to the face. Ask if a mouth guard is right for your child.

Oral Piercings

In recent decades, there has been a large increase among teens who have facial piercings. Among these piercings, oral piercings have also had a rise in popularity. Lip and tongue piercings all pose a risk to oral health. Metal piercings can do some real damage to dental tools such as retainers, braces, and dental implants. The piercing itself creates pressure against the back of the teeth and can make existing gap issues advance even faster. This dental condition is called a diastema, and diastema can happen with or without the aid of oral piercing.

Tobacco Use

Tobacco, in any form can cause long term damage to the teeth and mouth. Chewing tobacco, cigarettes, and even e-cigarettes are all guilty of causing minor problems that can develop into major health issues. Chewing tobacco could lead to periodontal disease in a just a few months of use can also cause pre-cancerous problem. E-cigarettes can also have a large amount of bacteria and hold chemicals that are are harmful to the mouth and can cause teeth staining. We recommend against tobacco use or your children’s oral and overall health, stay away from tobacco and nicotine in any form!

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